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The Four Elements

The Four Elements

Hello and welcome to an introduction of our Four Elements Series. Over the coming weeks we will be exploring the symbolism of the four elements and how these forces impact both our internal and external environments. We will also come to understand how we can use the elements to heal, transform and restore balance - not only to our own lives, but also to our planet.

To begin with it is important to understand that symbolically the four elements represent patterns of energy capable of transforming and sustaining life. Each of these elements, namely - fire, water, earth and air - form an integral part of the universe. Furthermore, the human body is a physical creation existing within this material realm and therefore humans are seen to be made up of and governed by these elements.

The four elements have a significant influence on how we function mentally and emotionally. Ultimately what you manifest in the physical world can be attributed to a characteristic of one of the four elements and understanding their influences can be used as a tool for self-development.

Key: Once you learn how to use the elements as your own personal Medicine, you will have more authority over your emotions, thought patterns and actions - the magical triangle of manifestation.

Harness the elements as your allies. Existing both inside and outside of ourselves and going beyond the physical - the elements manifest as personality traits as well as energetic forces. The elements are here to bring balance. Too much of one element can be counter productive. For example - too much fire leaves us feeling burned out, angry and frustrated. On the flip side too little or no fire leaves people feeling depressed, like they are drowning or stuck in quicksand. By working with the elements water and earth we can ground, nurture and soothe too much fire.

Here are some brief examples of the elements and their symbolism and how they show up in our behaviour.

The Earth Element

The medicine of the Earth Element is feeling supported and grounded. Nurturing yourself and fostering feelings of belonging. Inner and outer connectedness to Mother Earth and the healing of your earthly vessel - your body.

The Water Element

The water element’s medicine is the ability to flow through life. To adapt to change, give life to new projects and to become flexible and playful.

The Element Fire

This element symbolises the “spark” of life. Passion, creation + life force are synonymous with this element. The element of fire is the one you take your dreams to!! The element of fire reawakens the fire of your Spirit, reignites your passion for your life’s mission and harnesses your spiritual gifts.

The Element Air

This element is a CLEARING, natural expression. It refers to freedom and important in the healing of the mind. Learning to have a healthy detachment from the desired outcome is also a part of this elements medicine.

Which of these elements do you possibly resonate with? Sometimes we can lean towards one or more of the elements. What does this say about you and how does this dominance show up in your life? How does it affect your decision making and goal setting? Your relationships?

Next week we will be exploring the element Earth as the first element in the series. Whether you feel really grounded and connected to this earthly realm or not I will be offering tips on how to feel more into this element and how this will serve you in manifesting your goals.

Remember that this is an introduction to the elements and if you would like to explore the elements on a deeper level and how they show up in your life then I would be happy to have a chat and work out if we are the right fit.

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