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Live in deep joy
and connection.
Discover the beauty
of living an
intentional life.
Let inspiration
be your compass.

How I can help

Revolutionise your health & live a life filled with deep joy, connection and beauty.


Learn how to intentionally create the life you were meant to live and let inspiration be your compass.

Life can very often leave us with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. We may be experiencing irrational fears or a lack of purpose, lacking in motivation, desire and direction. 


At times like these it’s important for us to feel supported and heard. So you can release old beliefs and gain perspective.   

This is where I can help. My name is Kim and I am a Kinesiologist, NES HEALTH Bioenergetic Practitioner and EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Therapist. 

It is my belief and experience that taking charge of our thoughts and emotions can help us to transform our lives on every level.  In becoming more self-aware and aligning with how you want to feel ~ life becomes more joyful.  

A Kinesiology and Bioenergetic Session can help you to let go of the resistance and release the obstacles to your true potential and power. **


“And here is the key: As long as you are letting your joy be your guiding light, then you can always stay in balance.” Abraham

The Why

Imagine a world where every person was present and living their best life on earth. Where the energy within you was soaring and you felt unstoppable in achieving your dreams and aspirations! We are living in that moment, the time is now to put your health first. Your mind, body and soul are so interconnected that you have the power within to begin new journeys and change the path you are currently on.


This is what I love most about helping others release their true potential. I combine Kinesiology and a groundbreaking scientific way to regenerate your health with the NES System.


Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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"Kim  has been instrumental on my healing journey and has helped me on so many levels. I recently saw her for some assistance with some pain I had been having in my knees.  She has a way of very clearly linking my physical and mental/emotional symptoms and skill-fully getting right down to the actual cause of the presenting issue and then empowering me and equipping me with the tools to clear it. Only two days after my session with her and my knees are as good as new - thank you so much Kim ~  forever grateful."


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