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Medicine For Your Soul 

90 mins  /   $154

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Are you a mother who may be feeling lost or grieving the old parts of herself? 

Through practices like journeying you can reconnect with these aspects of your being. 

Working with me as your practitioner, we will explore your inner landscape, heal unresolved emotions, and rediscover your sense of wholeness and purpose. 

Ultimately, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your true essence, reclaim your power, and navigate the challenges of motherhood with greater resilience and authenticity.

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Kinesiology ~ Energy Medicine For Your Mind, Body & Spirit 

90 mins  /   $154

Are you a mother seeking to reduce stress, anxiety and needing extra support? 


Kinesiology can be a wonderful resource for you. Through gentle muscle monitoring techniques, we can help identify any imbalances in your body's energy systems that may be contributing to your stress levels. 


By incorporating specific exercises and gentle touch, kinesiology can release tension, promote relaxation, and restore balance to both your body and mind. 


Additionally, as a kinesiologist I can offer personalised guidance on lifestyle changes, nutrition, and self-care practices tailored to your unique needs as a mother. 


With regular sessions, kinesiology can become an integral part of your self-care routine, empowering you to better manage stress and prioritise your own well-being while nurturing your family.

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Reflexology~ Grounding Medicine For Your Wellbeing 

60 mins  /   $110

Are you a mother seeking to release tension, stress, and anxiety whilst improving your overall health ?


Reflexology is a wonderful option to explore. During a reflexology session, I will work on specific points on your feet that correspond to different organs and systems in your body. 


By applying pressure to these points, we will gently release blockages in energy flow, promoting deep relaxation and balance throughout your entire being.


As you engage in regular reflexology sessions, you may notice a significant reduction in your stress and anxiety levels, as well as improvements in your sleep quality, digestion, and overall mood. 


Reflexology can also boost your circulation, support your immune function, and enhance your body's natural healing processes.


Choosing reflexology as part of your self-care routine allows you to prioritise your well-being and find moments of peace and rejuvenation amidst the busyness of motherhood. 


It's a nurturing and holistic approach that empowers you to take control of your health and reconnect with your body's innate ability to heal itself.


Personalised Healing Journey

Starts From 90 mins  /   $154

Through the recalibration of your nervous system facilitated by the combination of kinesiology, reflexology, tissue salts and Australian Bush Flower Essences, you are able to fully embody the reintegration you have just experienced on a profound level.


By releasing tension and restoring balance to both body and mind, this recalibration allows you to harmonise with your authentic self and integrate the transformative healing you've undergone.


As the nervous system finds its equilibrium, you experience a sense of deep inner peace and alignment, enabling you to fully embrace the reintegration process.


You become more attuned to your emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations, fostering a greater sense of self-awareness and clarity.


This heightened state of presence and embodiment empowers individuals to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace, while embodying the wholeness and vitality that comes from true integration of mind, body, and spirit.

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