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My name is Kim Malakou and this is my story 

Growing up as a young girl in South Africa to a middle class family I began life quite differently to most.  Being adopted at birth set the tone for my formative years as I sought a deeper sense of belonging and lead to a broader understanding of the word “family”. 


Adoption aside ~ I was always, I believe, predestined to be a seeker. As they say, “It’s written in the stars” and with a Sagittarius rising in my natal chart it was written in my stars - as I pursued interests about different cultures and philosophies, explored interests in mythology, fell in love with travel and lived to hear other people’s experiences of God.  


Quite possibly too, my Irish-blooded mother had something to do with this insatiable thirst for life’s mysteries ~ having never disputed the existence of fairies living in our garden, and was quite often quoted as saying, “Ahhh it must be a full moon tonight” as she complained about a particularly bad nights sleep or feeling unusually emotional.  


So from a young age I was exposed to magic, spiritualism and questions about God.  Attending church shaped my perspectives on faith, values and interconnectedness, whilst my parents world view inspired me to remain open minded,  welcoming questions and encouraging us to explore other view points.   


Growing up you could find my brother and I either riding the streets on our bikes, climbing trees or sitting on the roof of our house reading.  This was the stuff that childhoods dreams were made of.  Not that I appreciated it at the time.  Now I understand ~ because the freedom to roam, explore and play instilled in me a deep curiosity for the world around me and the people in it.  


And as I grew into a young woman, my experiences of living and working in Africa began to shift this view of the world.  No longer through the lens of middle class suburbia, I became acutely aware of the suffering and the discord within the culture and the broader community.    


And along with this shift in how I felt about the world I recognised my deep need to lean into the uncomfortable, the pain ~ to not turn away and I began to ask, “How can I help? How should I be serving here?” 


It was on this path of finding my soul’s purpose, my dharma and seeking joy that I became more aligned with my soul’s purpose ~ reminding others of their innate wisdom and light.  Connecting people to their soul’s purpose and living from their hearts.  

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